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Blog: ID Clinic Director Answers Most Common Patient Questions

Claire Farel, MD, MPH, is an assistant professor of medicine in the UNC School of Medicine and medical director of the UNC Infectious Diseases Clinic. In answering the most common questions she is asked as a clinician, Dr. Farel illustrates … Read More

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Blog: Making a Case for PrEP Personal

I am currently a “patient” taking Truvada. I say “patient” because I am not the type of patient who has historically taken FTC/TDF to suppress an existing HIV infection, but, rather, a member of a growing population of people taking … Read More

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Photo of the Day: The Four AIDS Avengers

There is only one thing to say: your move, ladies.  

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Photo of the Day: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Gallons

Of all the Tar Heel hopefuls, graduating seniors, new faculty members and other visitors who have had their photograph taken drinking from the Old Well, we think this one is pretty special. Why? Catarina de Albuquerque is the United Nations … Read More

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Hark the sound: cheers for Myron Cohen at Tar Heels basketball game

So, what do you give the Carolina faculty member who has already been given the Hope is a Vaccine award, been featured in the cover story of The Economist, received a standing ovation at the leading scientific conference on HIV/AIDS, and led … Read More

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A Carolina alumna honored for her contributions to women’s health around the world

When I first started working in infectious diseases at UNC, I was assistant to Charlie van der Horst. One of the earliest names I came in contact with was Denise Jamieson. At the time, van der Horst was in the … Read More

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Want a medical degree? It helps if you’re the one who signs the diplomas

Last Thursday morning at UNC Hospitals, there was an extra white coat during rounds on the infectious diseases ward. The name on the coat:  ”Dr. Holden Thorp.” Now that isn’t inaccurate, of course, as the chancellor holds a doctorate in … Read More

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Healthy children = healthy countries?

As the person in charge of communications at IGHID, I need (and like) to know what’s going on—with faculty and students at UNC, with peer academic institutions, NGOs and government agencies, and in the world generally.  This means that I … Read More

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Who’s the very model of a modern ID specialist?

On the morning of March 28, in a lecture hall in the heart of the UNC medical school campus, first-year med students sat in their “Host Defense and Microbial Pathogens” class and were treated to a guest lecture by UNC … Read More

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A huge helping of food for thought

It’s always gratifying to see global health issues addressed in popular culture (if it’s done responsibly, of course).  Last night on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert spoke with Laurie Garrett, author of Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public … Read More

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