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Blog: Making a Case for PrEP Personal

I am currently a “patient” taking Truvada. I say “patient” because I am not the type of patient who has historically taken FTC/TDF to suppress an existing HIV infection, but, rather, a member of a growing population of people taking … Read More

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Water. Food. Climate. Energy. What’s the Solution?

How do you solve the world’s greatest water, food, climate, and energy challenges? The integrative, or nexus, approach recognizes that these issues are interconnected and require collaboration from multiple sectors to address, and ultimately solve, them. Created by journalism students … Read More

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Family planning: Let’s talk about it

This is a guest post by Katelyn Bryant-Comstock, a master’s student in maternal and child health at UNC. This summer she is a UNC Fellow at IntraHealth International in Durham. Family planning seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. … Read More

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Four pesos for a cigarette: Canvassing Mexico’s retail tobacco trade

This summer, I’m excited to spend five weeks in Cuernavaca, Mexico, doing an internship with the Department of Tobacco Research at Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health (INSP). I hope to gain experience in global tobacco control research and establish long-lasting … Read More

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Photo of the Day: Dog Days of Summer Edition

This comes courtesy of Kumi Smith, a PhD student in epidemiology at UNC. Kumi was in China last winter for two months of dissertation research. As she tells it, “The trip to Henan was not without some adventures, including rooting … Read More

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Star struck in Malawi

Katie Donohue, a master’s student in maternal and child health, is working as a summer fellow in Malawi with CARE. She recently had the chance to meet New York Times columnist and author of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into … Read More

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Strengthening UNC-China partnerships at national STD conference in Shenzhen

[This post was was sent in by Elizabeth Au and Crystal Shen, who are both spending fellowship years in China. Au is a Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellow at the China CDC – National Center for AIDS/STD Control and … Read More

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“I am a collage”: poetry, politics, power in Malawi documentary project

In 2009, photographer Kathryn Stein raised money to do a documentary project in Malawi about child-headed households impacted by HIV/AIDS. While in Malawi, she collaborated with the Pendulum Project/Face-to-Face AIDS, local grassroots organizations, and UNC Project-Malawi. The video below came … Read More

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Working in Bangladesh, a student begins to see the whole picture

The health programs director leafed through the monitoring tool, a checklist that details the key components of family planning counseling. Providers themselves will use the tool as a point of reference during patient treatment. Periodically, other field co-workers will use … Read More

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Welcome to motherhood: in Uganda with Students of the World

Reds, greens, geometric patterns and bright tie-dyed fabrics are tangled in a mass on the open walkway. About 20 women are seated on the Mulago Hospital balcony, white swathed bundles clasped in their arms. The wind whips at the blankets … Read More

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