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Hook-ups and check-ups: how social media is changing STD prevention programs

[This post was written by Catherine Grodensky, MPH.  Catherine is manager of the UNC Center for AIDS Research Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Core] Researchers at UNC have been making news lately for their work using social media to enhance … Read More

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Margolis talks HIV cure

Earlier this month, we reported on some exciting new research on the HIV cure front. UNC’s Dr. David Margolis and his team used a cancer drug called vorinostat to flush latent HIV infection from hiding. The study involved six HIV-positive … Read More

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Photo of the day: press coverage of IAS

Looking at the wall of IAS conference press coverage, I notice that nearly every news story mentions HPTN 052. -Lisa

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In Rajasthan, the more the merrier

A bit of research and web browsing before leaving for the summer gave me an idea of the work I would be doing.  I read up on the organization and the area in general and, all things considered, felt like … Read More

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Letter from Galapagos: El Mercado

[This blog post was sent in by Beth Hopping, who is a PhD student in nutrition. Her co-investigator, Rachel Page, MPH, sent in the previous letter from Galapagos] This morning, Rachel and I got an early start on the day. … Read More

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A special issue of the Lancet dedicated to malaria elimination

Last week, the Lancet published a special issue on malaria elimination.  There’s a good summary of the eight articles on our colleague Naman Shah’s blog, topnaman. For more on what IGHID is doing to combat malaria, read here, here, and … Read More

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To stop HIV, track it down where it starts – in cyberspace

[This post was sent in by Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD, MPH, who is assistant professor of medicine at UNC ] The HIV epidemic in the Southeastern U.S. is concentrated among black men and women and men who have sex with men … Read More

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For the future of global health, the landscape is looking increasingly urban

[This post was sent in by. . .me, Lisa, your friendly IGHID blog editor.  HT to Pia MacDonald for bringing the article under discussion to my attention] I think for the general public, the term “global health” brings to mind … Read More

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Can PrEP become a reality?

[This post was submitted by Joshua Murphy, an independent behavioral scientist.  He received his MPH from UNC in 2007.  He is also a Certified Health Education Specialist.] I was excited to see further evidence that ARVs can prevent HIV in … Read More

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UNC earns a new distinction

UNC researchers’  BLT mouse (described in this post) has been named “rodent of the week,” according to the L.A. Times blog Booster Shots.

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