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PHOTOS: Maternal Health and HIV Prevention in Malawi

  Outpatient clinic◄ BackNext ►Picture 1 of 8Patients wait for care in the outpatient clinic in Nsiyaludzu Josie Hollingsworth is a journalism student at UNC. She, along with 22 other students,  traveled to southern Malawi to tell video/written stories of … Read More

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Lowering maternal mortality is key to overall health in Malawi

                          By Josie Hollingsworth, Institute of Global Health and Infectious Disease Web Specialist The most astonishing thing that I noticed while visiting the villages in Ntcheu district, Malawi has … Read More

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Becoming Less Super as a Specialist

By David Wohl, MD There are specialists and then there are the super-specialists. The ‘super’ here should be taken less as a superlative and more as a suggestion of beady-eyed focus and a lack of breadth. Instead of knowing a … Read More

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Photo of the Day: UNC on Top of the World

Well OK, it’s not Mount Everest, but 19,341 feet is nothing to sneeze about.  Last week, a team of cultural influencers and clean water advocates successfully reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise awareness of the global clean water … Read More

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“Someone to tell them they are doing a good job”: In the field with Project ImPact

[This item originally appeared in the October 2012 issue of the UNC Center for AIDS Research newsletter. It has been shortened and edited to conform to GH Notes style] Lynn Tillery is a clinical research associate at the UNC Center … Read More

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Photo of the Day: Dog Days of Summer Edition

This comes courtesy of Kumi Smith, a PhD student in epidemiology at UNC. Kumi was in China last winter for two months of dissertation research. As she tells it, “The trip to Henan was not without some adventures, including rooting … Read More

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Lending a (big) hand in Zambia for women’s health

One of UNC’s newest faculty members, Groesbeck Parham, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology and director of the Cervical Cancer Prevention Program at CIDRZ, doesn’t mess around when looking for a helping hand.  While working on renovations at Ngungu Health … Read More

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Star struck in Malawi

Katie Donohue, a master’s student in maternal and child health, is working as a summer fellow in Malawi with CARE. She recently had the chance to meet New York Times columnist and author of Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into … Read More

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Catching up with UNC Global Women’s Health – report from Malawi

[This post was sent in by Dr. John Thorp, Professor and Director of Women’s Primary Healthcare in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at UNC] This has been an exciting and informative trip to Malawi. I have worked with Jeff Wilkinson, … Read More

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At a clinic in Panama, a resident’s eyes are opened

[Rochelle Chijioke, MD is a 3rd year emergency medicine resident at the University of North Carolina.  Earlier this year she did a 3-week international elective rotation in Boquete, Panama to study basic Spanish and medical Spanish and volunteer in a … Read More

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