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Blog: Semester Abroad Allows UNC Junior to Launch Social Media Health Campaigns in London

Ben Lineberger is a junior at UNC majoring in journalism and public relations. He is also a web consultant for UNC’s IGHID. This past fall semester, Ben studied in London and interned with National AIDS Trust or NAT. NAT is … Read More

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Students Reflect on Training with Top Faculty from the US and UK to Improve Sexual Health in China

Friday, Sept. 18, 2015 Jessica Mao is a medical student at UCLA, where she just completed her third year of medical school. She is spending a year in Guangzhou, China, as part of the Doris Duke International Clinical Research Fellowship … Read More

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Nurse Practitioner Tackles Ebola in Liberia & How to Articulate the Magnitude of the Experience

Chris Evans, RN, ANP-BC, works in UNC’s Division of Infectious Diseases. He traveled to Liberia to conduct research into treatment of the Ebola virus from March-June 2015. 4.0L V6 with more than 245,000 miles. That’s what my Jeep Cherokee has … Read More

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Blog: Making a Case for PrEP Personal

I am currently a “patient” taking Truvada. I say “patient” because I am not the type of patient who has historically taken FTC/TDF to suppress an existing HIV infection, but, rather, a member of a growing population of people taking … Read More

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PHOTOS: Maternal Health and HIV Prevention in Malawi

  Outpatient clinic◄ BackNext ►Picture 1 of 8Patients wait for care in the outpatient clinic in Nsiyaludzu Josie Hollingsworth is a journalism student at UNC. She, along with 22 other students,  traveled to southern Malawi to tell video/written stories of … Read More

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Lowering maternal mortality is key to overall health in Malawi

                          By Josie Hollingsworth, Institute of Global Health and Infectious Disease Web Specialist The most astonishing thing that I noticed while visiting the villages in Ntcheu district, Malawi has … Read More

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Becoming Less Super as a Specialist

By David Wohl, MD There are specialists and then there are the super-specialists. The ‘super’ here should be taken less as a superlative and more as a suggestion of beady-eyed focus and a lack of breadth. Instead of knowing a … Read More

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The thin, red line of motherhood in Malawi

Two women stood across this red line outside the operating room at Bwaila hospital Freedom from Fistula Foundation clinic in Lilongwe, Malawi last week. Each was asked if we could take her photo to share with people from different countries … Read More

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Welcome to motherhood: in Uganda with Students of the World

Reds, greens, geometric patterns and bright tie-dyed fabrics are tangled in a mass on the open walkway. About 20 women are seated on the Mulago Hospital balcony, white swathed bundles clasped in their arms. The wind whips at the blankets … Read More

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The title of this post is “Insert good title here” – no, really

So this is it, my last day interning at the Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases.  My official goodbye to the undergraduate experience.  An experience that has taken me in all kinds of different directions which in one way … Read More

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