Public health humor, courtesy of the U.S. government

This morning I got an email with the subject line “Our government is not without a sense of humor” and this ad attached. I think the decision to use two different flavors of ice cream is a curious one, but then, I’m not in advertising. I’m sure they did extensive market testing on the most appealing flavors.

breastfeeding public service announcement

PSA from the Ad Council and DHHS

The email was sent to me by UNC public policy professor Benjamin Meier, PhD.  Prof. Meier has breastfeeding on the brain because he is currently collaborating with public health professor Miriam Labbok, MD on an article that approaches breastfeeding as a human rights issue and presents a framework for rights-based global breastfeeding policy.

Breastfeeding policy, they argue, would be relatively cheap to implement and would save millions of lives. Their article will be published in the Case Western Reserve Law Review.

As it happens, Dr. Labbok will be featured in our faculty spotlight in the next issue of the IGHID newsletter and on our website.  If you don’t already subscribe to our newsletter and would like to, click here.

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  1. Ha! I’m sure it took them a bit of time to think about how best to frame it visually :) Important subject though!

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