A happy update on Patrick Kahuma

[post by Tom Hughes, originally published on the UNC Health Care blog here]

Back in May, I wrote about how Patrick Kahuma, an 18-year-old from Uganda, came to the N.C. Children’s Heart Center at N.C. Children’s Hospital for treatment from Dr. Elman Frantz to correct heart problems that had greatly limited the quality of his life up to that point.

Patrick Kahuma on the phone in Kampala

Patrick Kahuma on the phone in Kampala

The procedures were a great success, and Patric returned to Uganda with a whole new world of possibilities open to him that had not been there before.

At the end of September, the same UNC surgical team that brought Patrick to Chapel Hill returned to Uganda themselves, under the banner of UNC Project-Uganda. While there, they’ve been performing more heart surgeries on more Ugandan children. They’ve been tweeting about their experiences here and blogging about it here.

And last week they saw Patrick again. Over the weekend I got an e-mail from Dr. Dirk Hamp, which reported:

We heard from Patrick Kahuma today. He called from Kampala as he was visiting with Dr Kocis and the UNC Uganda team. He was examined and according to Dr. Kocis, his heart is “perfect”. It was such a good way to start the day today.

Indeed, what a great way to start the day! And considering that I’m posting this on a Monday morning, it’s a great way to start the new week as well.

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