UNC prepared for swine flu

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Maybe you’ve heard about swine flu. The media have been reporting it non-stop.

There have been no confirmed cases in our state. But the state health department announced last night that there are several suspected cases in North Carolina. Their investigators are on the case.

Why is the flu a big deal? Because it has a history of killing thousands of people in pandemics. It passes easily from one person to another and it can be hard to catch up to — viruses mutate for a living.

Many highly qualified people at UNC have been working for several days to determine the best way to keep our patients, faculty, staff, and visitors healthy.

What should people do? Stay tuned to the CDC’s Web site. Also check out your state’s health department Web site. The UNC Health Sciences Library is also a great resource.

UNC’s Dr. David Weber and Dr. Myron Cohen have been telling reporters and health officials, stick to the basics: wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, stay home if you feel ill.

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