Jessica Lin

Jessica Lin head shotJessica Lin, MD
Assistant Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine

Phone: 919-843-4385

Jessica Lin is an infectious disease clinician-scientist with a primary research interest in malaria. She studies the molecular epidemiology of malaria in Southeast Asia, especially with regards to drug resistant-parasites, relapsing vivax infections, and the parasite transmission stages in human and mosquitoes. These studies use sophisticated genotyping and sequencing methods to better understand how drug resistant malaria develops and spreads and how we can better identify and target relapsing parasites. She works with clinical investigators in Thailand and Cambodia who are documenting emerging trends in multidrug resistant falciparum malaria. Her group was the first to identify genetic strains of vivax malaria that appear predisposed to relapse. They are following up on this finding by using next generation sequencing techniques to search for the genetic determinants of relapse. Her long-term goal is to work at the interface of clinical and molecular studies to help achieve malaria elimination. At the same time, she is developing skills that will help her build a translational genomics research program for infectious diseases in Asia.


M.D., Baylor College of Medicine, 2005
B.S., Yale University, 2001

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