Summer 2014 global research in Malawi and Zambia for first-year med students

October 22, 2013 — For more than 10 years, the Institute for Global Health & Infectious Diseases has sponsored first-year UNC medical students to conduct summer research at the UNC Project-Malawi in Lilongwe and, more recently, the Center for Infectious Diseases Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) in Lusaka.  

Students on the burn unit at Kamuzu Central Hospital, 2012.

Students on the burn unit at Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe, 2012.

Successful applicants must procure their own funding; however, UNC faculty will sponsor and mentor them in applying for scholarships and grants to fund their research trip. More information on funding is here.

This year we will select 2-4 students who will work with mentors on a variety of possible research projects.

To learn more about the global sites, visit the UNC Project-Malawi website and the CIDRZ website.

If you’d like to contact other medical students who have previously worked in Malawi or Zambia, a list of students can be found by clicking here.


First-year medical students who are available for eight weeks during the summer, 2014. We are looking for students with either a demonstrated or strong career interest in (global) research.  Student must procure their own funds.  Total costs: $4,500-$5,000.

Application Deadline

Applications are due by November 15, 2013. Select students will be granted a series of interviews with final decisions made prior to December 20, 2013.

Application Requirements

  1. Current C.V.
  2. One-page description of why you want to conduct research in Malawi and/or Zambia, including your short- and long-term career goals

Electronic applications must be sent to: Irving Hoffman (


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