2012-2013 Friday Conference Schedule

Title or Topic
September 7, 2012Amy Justice, MD, PhD
Yale University
West Haven VA Healthcare System
“HIV, Aging, and Cancer Screening:
One Size Does Not Fit All”
September 14, 2012Jamie Bartram, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Water, Sanitation, Infectious
Disease, Global Health and UNC"
September 21, 2012Moses Bility
UNC-Chapel Hill
"The Role of M1/M2 Macrophages
in HBV Infection in the Humanized
Mouse Model"
September 28, 2012Max Essex
Harvard University
"Lessons from Botswana:
Prevention and Treatment in the
World’s Worst Epidemic of HIV/AIDS"
October 5, 2012Stefano Bertozzi
Gates Foundation
"The Gates Foundation Approach
to Global Health: Asking the Big
Questions in Public Health"
October 12, 2012Sylvia Becker-Dreps
UNC -Chapel Hill
"Childhood Diarrhea in Nicaragua
in the Rotavirus Vaccine Era"
October 19, 2012Christa Elizabeth Sturdevant
UNC-Chapel Hill
HIV Infection of the Central
Nervous System in Young Children
October 26, 2012Joe Eron, MD
David Wohl, MD
Christopher Hurt, MD
UNC-Chapel Hill
Fall HIV Update (NCATEC Training)
November 2, 2012Lisa Biagiotti
(guest of Peter Leone, UNC)
Screening of deepsouth
documentary (special 2-hour
conference, 8:30-10:30)
November 9, 2012April D. Kimmel, PhD
Virginia Commonwealth University
"Lives Saved by Expanding HIV
Treatment Availability in
Resource-Limited Settings:
The Example of Haiti"
November 16, 2012Bill Rutala, MD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Safer Healthcare Environments
for Infection Prevention"
November 30, 2012Katherine Record
Harvard University
14th Annual World AIDS Day
December 7, 2012Thomas John Bender, MD
Duke University
"Hepatitis B Outbreaks in Virginia
and North Carolina"
December 14, 2012David Weber, MD, MPH
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Role of the Surface Environment
in the Transmission of Multi-drug
Resistant Pathogens (MRSA, VRE,
Acinetobacter, C. difficile):
Epidemiology and Prevention"
January 4, 2013Arlene Seña-Soberano, MD, MPH
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Progress Versus Gaps in the
Basic Science and Clinical
Management of Treponema pallidum"
January 11, 2013Ralph Baric,PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Mechanisms Governing Virus-
Induced Disease Severity in
the Lung"
January 18, 2013Kenneth Alexander
University of Chicago
"Seven Years of HPV
Immunization: What Have
We Learned?"
January 25, 2013Marcia Hobbs, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill
“Experimental Human Gonococcal
Infection Studies: Progress
and Challenges”
February 1, 2013Carla Hand, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill
“Host iron status and iron
supplementation conspire
to mediate host susceptibility
to the erythrocytic stage of
Plasmodium falciparum”
February 8, 2013Dirk Dittmer, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Rapamycin for the treatment of
AIDS-Kaposi's Sarcoma"
February 15, 2013Heidi Swygard, MD, MPH and
Lisa Hightow-Weidman, MD, MPH
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Innovative e-Health strategies to
find, engage and retain Young
Black MSM in HIV Prevention
and Care"
“The UNC-Lincoln partnership:
present opportunities and
future vision"
February 22, 2013Kumi Smith
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Reading the Tea Leaves: Can
HTPN 052 Work in China?"
March 1, 2013Allison Rice, JD
Duke University
"Health Reform and People Living
with HIV/AIDS in a Red State"
March 8, 2013Adaora Adimora, MD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"HIV in the South"
March 15, 2013Emily Sickbert-Bennett, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Infectious Disease Surveillance in
the Community and Healthcare Setting"
March 22, 2013Dr. Khuat Thu Hong &
Dr. Le Bach Duong
Institute for Social
Development Studies in Vietnam
"HIV/AIDS and Stigma in Vietnam:
What Have We Learned?"
April 5, 2013Dr. Toni Darville“Chlamydia trachomatis and
Understanding Pathogenesis –
A Pathway to Disease Prevention”
April 12, 2013Steve Meshnick, PhD, MD“Tick-borne disease prevention:
from fashion to phylogeny”
April 19, 2013Steve Inrig, PhD
UT Southwestern
"North Carolina and the battle against HIV: historical reflections on local research efforts”
April 26, 2013Trainees: Kara Jensen, Laura Widman, and Liz Yanik“An STD/HIV potpourri: the latest research from UNC trainees”
May 3, 2013Alex Duncan, MD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Innate immune signaling and gonococcal pathogenesis"
May 10, 2013Trainees: Veronica Escamilla, Kate Muessig, Michael Herce“Another STD/HIV potpourri: more of the latest research from UNC trainees”
May 17, 2013James Horton
"IDSA Guidelines"
May 24, 2013Ian Glomski, PhD
University of Virginia
“Bacillus anthracis versus the phagocyte, an unfair match”
May 31, 2012Sarah Joseph, PhD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"HIV replication in the central nervous system of individuals off therapy:
interim results from the THINC study"
June 7, 2013Lisa Bowleg, PhD
The George Washington University
"Beyond condoms only: insights from research on the social-structural context of black heterosexual men’s HIV risk"
June 14, 2013Joe Eron, MD
Angela Kashuba, PharmD
John Schmitz, PhD
"Update from the CFAR Clinical, Pharmacology
and Immunology Cores"
June 21, 2013Cindy Gay, MD
UNC-Chapel Hill
"Acute HIV: STAT, retention, treatment and eradication"
June 28, 2013David Jolly and Kate MacQueen
FHI 360
"HIV testing experience, risk behavior, and social diversity among young black adults in Durham, North Carolina:
Findings from the LinCS 2 Durham community survey”